give me an A.

Examinations are over, and I’m all set to wrap up my high school life. Another two, three months until college. Tonight there will be a seminar regarding the graduation ceremony. Everyone that’s graduating this year is also expected to submit three A’s that sum up what they’ve managed to accomplish through these past four years in the form of awards, accolades, and achievements. I presume that these are to be read off by some fabulous announcer as we march up to the stage to receive our diplomas.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all up for the idea that we ought to be celebrated for what we’ve done so far. I just don’t have very much in the way of anything that I’d like to share with those present to see me graduate. I don’t need background music or a narrator to spice up my graduation. I don’t have a unique achievement to share. Honor Roll? Most everyone in the senior class is on that list. Awards for academic achievement? No faculty members have seen it fit to bestow upon me any. If you want me to list out awards that I’ve received throughout my high school ‘career’, give me something to list out.

I’ve done my time. Give me my diploma, and let me go on to college. Save me the sweet talk.