yadda yadda yadda.

Examinations are over on May 24th, graduation is set for June 1st.

I think I’m still far too avoidant of confrontation. Much as I’d like to draw a few punches from time to time, playing it safe has its rewards. And of course it’s best not to write too much crap in any blog.

Moving right along:

Say what?

And another unrelated incident:

It seems that people are growing afraid of the Asian menace. Those same kids that populate your local high school’s Math Team are also apparently responsible for planning out school attacks. Must be all of that time spent doing math and learning the ancient ways of the Orient. Yes, every single round of Go or chess that we play is indeed a real life scenario played out as if little more than a game. It’s the Asian mind at work. Where you see harmless pieces moving around, we see people getting in our way. We buy our children swords so that they will be able to protect the honor of their families should the need arise. Nothing like some Kill Bill-esque action from Johnny sitting up front in his Calculus class when he flunks the next test since the teacher doesn’t understand what he’s teaching.

I’m tempted to toss out this little snippet from an age-old song.

blabhlabhalbh.. Music Note You better run and hide – thugs for life baby, Asian pride.

Haha. What a waste of space.