to the great beyond! and thoughts of the hour.

My throat is sore and feels like sandpaper every single time I cough. I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so anxious about today’s examinations, yet I knew that they wouldn’t mean a single thing to me in the long run. Even when entering college there is little that a single point higher on these trivial examinations will help me accomplish. Studying in preparation for tomorrow may grant me a handful of points, but is it going to go anywhere towards making me happy?

So here I am, nursing this weak body of mine in hopes that it will stop slipping back. The short-lived physical regimen that I subjected myself to seems to have been lacking in efficacy. No amount of exercise would have been capable of warding away the little beasties that are making me so eager now to remove my aching throat. And the weights, the pushups – no doubt they won’t help me on that damned examination scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Can’t stop now – so much to do and see. Maybe I’ll succumb to disease some other day.

The nonsense that I’m churning out these days is so lacking in substance that it makes me want to laugh. And then I’m reminded again that my throat is killing me.