No angst-ridden posts, no chronicles of slow times, and no lessons learned. I’m not here to preach, nor am I here to try my word at writing anything of substance. Free writing, if you will, so don’t expect it to make much of any sense. Funny thing, though – I’m editing this as I write. I suppose that doesn’t make it very free writing at all, then.

I’ve kept so much ‘precious’ writing scattered across a number of blogs. And the journals that I’ve filled in the past. Most of what I’ve written is nonsensical, and I can’t help but laugh at it when I read back, to think that I’ve progressed somewhere past that point when I last put pen to paper or when I last spilled out my sentiments onto this digital canvas. Perhaps that’s what I’d like to think. I’d hate to believe that I’ve been stuck in neutral for too long.

Maintaining that illusion that you’ve been moving forwards when the scenery in the background isn’t changing is a difficult feat to accomplish at times.

The summer’s been around for a while now. I’m going to start taking pictures. DSLR photography has proven to be a most enjoyable hobby, even if I’ve only just started looking into it. Pictures will come, someday.

Finding myself unwilling to work on more pressing matters this evening, I decided to play around with Google to see what results I could turn up. Trolling blogs is going to be my pastime of choice for the next couple of days, or until I finish sifting through whatever uninteresting material I’ve chanced upon. My God, I amaze myself sometimes. I found myself laughing, happy-like earlier today. It’s that laughter that comes out when I’m in the middle of convincing myself of something I’ve known all along that I’ve just managed to prove. Cliché – a picture is worth a thousand words.

Look at me!

I’m Feeling: Happy