good things to come!

There’s this good feeling I get when I spend money that isn’t mine.

And wow, I have got to break my phone just for the sole purpose of acquiring one of these suckers. Most beautiful phone that I’ve never seen.

Nokia 8600 at…8600&w=all

I’m in Penang right now, trying to figure out what there is to do here. Back to KL on Thursday, and then onwards to America on the fourth of August. Okay!

mmmmmm, MacBook Pro. 2.4GHz C2D 800MHz FSB, 15.4″ LED-backlit LCD display running at 1440×900, NVIDIA 8600M GT 256MB with support for DX-10, 2GB DDR2-667MHz, 160GB 5400RPM HDD, 1″ ‘thin’, and arguably the best design in its class. Gadget porn will follow in due course.

I’m Feeling: Happy