macbook pro case warp, ntfs.


Click on images for full view. I took my MacBook Pro to a local mall this weekend, and it turns out that Apple’s warranty doesn’t cover the casing. No matter, it’s not too much of an issue.

Proper bezel-screen alignment

Warped bezel

If any larger problems pop up in the future, I’m getting this thing swapped. And if there are hardware updates around the corner, you can be sure that I’ll end up having some sudden technical difficulties with my MBP.

On another note, I finally got around to delving further into the issue of getting NTFS write support through Mac OS X. Normally users are allowed read access only from NTFS-formatted drives. However, it is possible to use MacFUSE and NTFS-3G in order to enable write access. It works like a charm, but it’s quite slow. Meaning I probably won’t be using it much.

Listening To: anberlin – Na├»ve Orleans


I can’t explain exactly what it was about her that caught my eye. I didn’t see her during Orientation Week, that first week of chaos and so many new faces. She didn’t show up at the Honors Program reception, either, so her sudden appearance in class was a bit of a surprise.

Day one of class, and there she was. Perfect skin. Radiant doesn’t even come close to describing it. I couldn’t help but admire her, stealing glances in her direction as the rest of the class looked towards the professor. So what of his take on the classics? I have more important things to think about. Or so, I think.

Her hair, her eyes, her herer r r.

the college (not) life

Take a deep breath and prepare for what’s coming next. I will proceed to reveal all the truths that I have gleaned, all the insights that I have been privy to, during my first week or two of life on a college campus.

Ready for it?


It’s no different from high school.

…and once again, I’m reminded of that song that I heard on the radio that day when I was with my dad, eating lunch up in Cameron Highlands. High school never ends.

This isn’t to say that the experience has been a bad one so far. Rather, it’s been quite enjoyable thus far. I’ve managed to make my dorm room look like home. Meaning I have four barren walls, my toiletries laid out neatly on top of the most convenient flat surface, and little in the way of anything else.

There has been very little work assigned to us, but I imagine that will change in the weeks to come. So far, the most engaging assignment that I’ve been given is to write up a resume which will be used to help me find an internship for the summer. I’ve stuck largely to staying in my room, venturing outside only to eat, go to classes, and to get enough fresh air to remain lucid.

Oh. The campus is beautiful.