pictures, or lack thereof, and other happenings.

I’ve been toying around with the idea of picking up a DSLR one of these days, perhaps over the summer. This point and shoot photography just doesn’t do it for me. Knowing how powerful the lens distortion is going to be on each shot I take with my Casio ultracompact, how drowned out and dull the colors, how flat the final product will be; that really kills any thought of going out to take pictures. Running the photos through Photoshop doesn’t do them one bit of good, but perhaps that’s due in part to my lack of Photoshop know-how.

Enough of the bickering. I was pretty pleased with how these two pictures turned out. I find that my compact shooter produces decent-looking shots at times, but only under certain conditions. The photos are acceptable once they’ve been scaled down to a certain size. See below:

The first shot exhibits noticeable lens distortion, whereas the second shot doesn’t look half bad.

In other news, I received my order of creatine through the USPS today. I ordered a one kilogram tub off of as I’ve been interested in trying out creatine for a while. Day one of the loading phase has more or less gone by, and I don’t feel any different yet. And by the way, drinking creatine mixed in water is like drinking water loaded down with chalk dust. I’ll go with the fruit punch flavored stuff at Wal-Mart in the future.