think i’m in love.

see title.

On second thought, I’ll elaborate. Solely by virtue of the fact that I haven’t put even a half-hearted effort into writing for a while.

I’ve known her for a month (or two? or three?) and each time I see her.. I’m drawn in. I’m tempted to pull down all of my walls and just to let her see me for who I am. To emerge with guns down, naked honesty. This is who I am.

/but there’s too much that i need to hide, i can’t allow her to come too close

And God, how I want to keep her close. That isn’t too much to ask, is it? And yet I hardly know her, this is all a mess and it’s all quite impossible. It’s maddening, just allowing my mind to wander.

2008/07/01 Edit:

This entry is lacking. And it’s really girly.