workin’, ridin’ hard.

I never quite know what to do when I get off work. See who’s still around, who’s available for the evening. It’s all much more chaotic and cumbersome than I’d like it to be, really. People ought to advertise that they’re available.

I ended up going to a coffee shop with a friend and, after dropping her off at home, I decided to have a little fun with the car. BMW does a great job of making sure their cars keep traveling in a straight line, so trying to take a hard turn and getting the tires to squeal is a bit of a challenge. Luckily, turning off the stability systems is as simple as holding down a button on the center console. Took a couple of fast turns, felt the wheels lose traction. Then I turned around and hit 60mph on campus before turning around again, only to find a car headed right at me.

I was rolling along slowly and I stopped the car after noticing that the oncoming car was a Campus Security vehicle. The driver had his window down and shouted at me to turn off my engine, which I did after rolling down my own window. Another Campus Security vehicle showed up as well. Funny thing is that I’ve dealt with both of these officers before and we have a bit of history between us. One of them was present the night that I was caught using a hookah in my dorm room. Both of them were sent to check on a party that I was at towards the end of the school year where I emerged from the apartment without a shirt on, somewhat inebriated.

End of story.