October 31st, 2008

What a week this has been! Out of the blue, I think I have landed myself into a relationship. I got a call from V on Saturday, October 25th, saying that she needed help fixing her laptop. Or maybe that was on Sunday. In any case, I helped her fix her laptop on Sunday after church. She and I walked to the house that she is living in, took everything back to my apartment where I managed to get the machine working again. I had to take photos at the TU vs. UCF game, so I asked her to join me.

So one thing led to another, and V ended up dropping by on Tuesday afternoon wanting to have a quiet work environment. This I supplied her with. I did my homework, helped Joe with some Calculus III issues that he was facing, and took V out to get some food at In the Raw [a popular sushi spot] on Brookside. Everything went fine up until dessert – I had told her that she and I couldn’t work out because we were too similar, and she took it a bit hard. We left, dessert in a take away box. We got back to Brown Village and got out of the car – she asked if I could drive her home. I told her that would be fine.

Back in my apartment, V went and used the restroom while I stayed in the living room. I went into my room after some time and she hugged me, telling me that she really liked me. She had said, “I think you’re really cute” after I had hit her with the neg in the restaurant. We ended up having sex. She told me that I was tai niu.

Wednesday starts off fine, and I’m enjoying my day after an early start and sending V home. S calls in the afternoon – she’s not feeling well, she says, could I let her stay with me for a while? I think this is nonsense and walk out of my apartment to see an ambulance, lights flashing, outside of Keplinger. I find S – she looks tired and is being attended to by two paramedics and some members of campus security. She smiles when she sees me, I’m surprised by the mess that I see. I question her: when is the last time that she ate? Has she been sleeping? I know that she’s attracted to me and suspect, oddly, that this is all a scam.

I take S over to my apartment as I’ve been instructed [by the paramedics] and, although I recognize the gravity of the present situation, I cannot help but feel like this is an odd ploy. This, after I hesitated and made V tell me that she was sure that she wanted to have sex. I encouraged S to eat some candy and crackers that had been given to me, told her to drink water. V called me, asked if she could come over. V ended up coming in, S claimed that she was feeling much better, and the two of them proceeded to walk off for a girl talk after S demanded that V walk her back to Lottie Jane.

I saw V again that night. Told her that I had feelings for her. And then we had sex again. I ended up exhausted (and… uh…), she said that she loved me. And wow, that puts me in an interesting position.

So now she’s trying to see where things are going. Funny, she asked me if I was a virgin the other night. I didn’t say anything. She has spent the night over at my place three nights now. We’ll see what happens, as always