June 25th, 2010

I went to speak with Dr. Kelkar today. I can’t recall now what I told him. Something like I got into a fight and was fired by Schlumberger. He is exceedingly busy, but he requested Lori forward my resume to a contact that had recently asked him for a student to help.

[V] did call me this morning, and we went to lunch together. It was her treat – I drove the two of us. We came back to campus together, she had to go back to her office. She spends her time there doing inane calculations that I have no hope of understanding without relearning molecular chemistry. She was rewatching a season of Celebrity Apprentice when I checked up on her later during the afternoon.

I called [LL] tonight, and we talked for some time about ba zi. I think I will do some more investigating into it, if only to learn more about what a sage-like man would say about me. I can make a ba zi chart that will make some broad points of my supposed character, and do with it what I may. Maybe I will make one for [V], too.

So far in Tulsa, so good. I went to church, sat in on the Chinese language Bible study class, then played badminton. Tonight I saw [MQ] but did not have an opportunity to speak with her. Which is funny, because I thought that maybe she was still abroad. Anyways, I am playing fine in badminton when I focus on the game, and I am happy playing it. I want to go to church more, at least to maintain my connection to the community.

Hope all goes well.