July 4th, 2010

I’m back in church for Sunday service, and what a day it is going to be. Yesterday marked the end of so many things, and I welcome this Independence Day with an open heart and open hands. I vow to avoid continuing fights with [V], and to move on a better man.

I received as a gift a pair of slippers from [V]. On Friday, July 2nd, we went pistol shooting and I got my hands on the baby Glock 26. I had [V] choose a gun, too. Ended up with the EMP, a compact Springfield 1911 modified with some extra niceties. That same day, I took both [WW] and [KM] to the airport.

Today in church I have seen [MQ]. She asked me how I’ve been. I opened myself to a hug as a sign of greeting. The church family is praying for her – she is leaving soon to a mission trip to China.

I visited [JS] and her toy poodle, Parker, at her Mayo Village apartment yesterday in the late afternoon. She and I went out to eat dinner together, and we made an evening visit to Petsmart. Tux and Parker make for interesting friends, if Tux only knew how to play. I had fun watching the two small animals interact, Tux preferring to keep to himself, and generally not caring for the playful demeanor of the little dog. Maybe we will arrange a future play date.