August 21, 2010

I was just reading on persuasion, and I got to thinking about my upcoming court date again. I believe that in opening testimony I must first show without a doubt that I have neither harassed nor threatened [V]. Then I must bring into light my losses relative to her own. I have lost work, respect from my peers; all because of one small mistake that ought to be well behind us. There is a possibility for even greater loss, too. I could be considered fully ineligible to enter the industry, even though I am a high achiever. My reputation could be ruined, because [V] is unreasonable.

In the second round, I must make clear that I am free from fault, that [V] is engaging in behavior that is potentially ruinous to me, and that the judge has the power to prevent further losses on my part. He can also make [V] pay for her abuse of the system.

You’d think that she could leave a brother alone.