August 23rd, 2010

For Tuesday:
1. Flawless character
2. Made a promise and kept it. “Do you recall…?”
3. Factual statement of what has happened. [an arrow points to the word factual, and next to it is written: university compl., security officers, false suicide, weapons check]. Few incidents when we spoke. [V]’s reaction made it clear I should avoid her once all over.
4. University hearing finds me not a threat, not guilty of her claim of rape.
5. Days after the University hearing (Jul 28), [V] calls me using Skype (Aug 2). I tell her I do not want to speak w/her. This is direct violation of what Univ. ruled.
6. [V] files for EPO in spite of fact I have done nothing to her.

– Who bears ill intention to the other party? Whose actions are directed as attacks?
– Who stands to lose more?

Second Round:
– Losses I have suffered
– [V]’s actions making our private conflict public
– Her lack of desire for the conflict to end on peaceful terms.
– Court system exists for good reason. Innocent go free, guilty led away. What’s it NOT for?
– Claims that she is just now considering staying on at the University of Tulsa.