To Dr. Sorochty

Dear Dr. Sorochty,

I am writing this letter to follow up with my appeal sent to you on August 9 regarding the decision made by the Office of Student Affairs in their letter dated August 2 in the case involving the student complaint filed by Ying Li.

The Office of Student Affairs has misruled in this case, imposing punishment on me when it is Ying Li who is a danger to others at the University. You will understand that Ying Li has not suffered any real negative consequences through this ordeal, and that she desires to see me receive undue punishment through her abuse of procedures ordinarily reserved for true threats. I am on the receiving end of insult upon insult, forced into a position where I must defend my good name until Ying Li is brought to proper justice.

The ruling followed a long and twisted hearing that no one could reasonably have followed. This hearing took place on July 28, almost a week after the Tulsa District Court dismissed Ying Li’s petition for Protective Order. At the University hearing, Ying Li raised allegations that I had sexually assaulted her, claiming that she was held down against her will. She presented evidence from the hospital claiming that she had been the victim of sexual assault, though in her court filing she made it clear that we had engaged in consensual sex. If she had truly been the victim of sexual assault, why wouldn’t she have made this claim to the Tulsa Police and to the Court?

Ying Li has a vengeful attitude – she surprised me by declaring to Dean Taylor in the Office of Student Affairs that she would have me dismissed from the University, and I humbly submitted that all I wanted was the gifts I had given her returned to me. The time I have spent to help Ying Li since her coming to Tulsa should not be reasonably repaid by these drastic measures. Among the gifts that I want returned are a diamond pendant and a handbag, both given out of love. Had we parted under more reasonable terms, I would not have raised complaint, but her course of action has been hurtful beyond measure, and it is not right that these objects of my affection remain with her.

Ying Li has received no harassment from me. The text messaging incident of July 3 was one that was settled between the two of us that very evening, long before the complaint was raised at the University level. It was decided between us that I would be responsible for the costs associated with the text messages, $26 of additional service charges, this being the only negative consequence that Ying Li has realized thus far. When I sent the text messages, there was no thought of foul intention; the only desire of mine was to get in contact with her so I might understand why she had suddenly distanced herself from me though we had been intimate that afternoon.

Ying Li has abused procedures for emergency relief before, and it is clear that she will not hesitate to do so again. I have had much difficulty in understanding her reasons behind going to the police, then her raising complaint with the University. To me, these actions represented those of an unhappy woman who felt that she had been in some way wronged. When we broke up she suddenly found herself back where she had started from, though slightly more experienced and arguably in a better place. The one offense she suffered was that she no longer held a place in my heart, and it is for this reason that she sought to seek redress. Still, it makes no sense that she would immediately call for help from a higher power to judge our conflict instead of settling the ordeal directly with me. By filing for Protective Order again, she is only signaling her unwillingness to allow this conflict to go to rest.

Dr. Sorochty, it is important that I complete my final semester at TU and move on past these events, and I am fully prepared to defend myself in court this second time should I have to. However, I am concerned that Ying Li will continue to abuse the procedures set in place unless she realizes that such actions can and will have negative consequences towards her. As a rational being, she should understand that conflicts between individuals over private matters ought to be resolved between individuals, and that a higher authority exists to help only when all viable options have been considered. To this end, I request that the University advise Ying Li to immediately withdraw the pending court case, otherwise I will have no choice but to seek compensation for the lost time, work, and damage to my reputation that she has caused me during the court hearing.

I end with a plea for help from the University as this case continues. My request is twofold: first, I feel it is fair that Ying Li be asked to apologize in person for the trouble she has caused me; and secondly, that the University advise her that our conflict is over, and that further action on her part could lead to my filing of a counter-suit that will result in negative consequences to her.

You will find attached a document that gives a timeline of events relevant to this case. Please consider it in your decision.

Faithfully yours,

Alex Zheng