The Modern Gentleman: Afterword

The following has been lifted from The Modern Gentleman, 2nd Edition: A Guide to Essential Manners, Savvy, and Vice by Phineas Mollod and Jason Tesauro

A gentleman is a gentleman is a gentleman. Being married, involved, single, gay, or naked doesn’t dictate one’s character or charm. Similarly, the venue or medium of interaction should heighten, not hamper, exchanges. Engaging and keenly naughty behavior is possible in nearly all situations. Wherever you are, be the dashing demiurge and don’t just take up space. Cultivate an energy that makes people smile and then watch your stock rise.

The Modern Gentleman offers a slide rule of respect for solving the deepest conundrums of love and vice. Respect decency, life, and the dignity of men – their rituals and foibles. Respect women and the virtues of their grace and intuition. Respect quality over greed, meaning over appetite. Respect action and fitness, health and spirituality, learning and enrichment. Seek a diversity of experience, and respect the liberating and instructive fruits of fun and frivolity. Keep your eyes open and respect the potent allure and sometimes grotesque beauty of vice and its peripheral curiosities. Join us in intellectual fellowship as you rejoice, read Joyce, and “forge in the smithy of your soul” the man of your own desire.

Applying The Modern Gentleman’s lessons is a contagious process that evolves into effortless gestures. It begins by bringing relaxed charm to a first date, trying a new cocktail, perusing new aisles in the bookstore, or peeking into the leather store. Then, like any discipline, it will infuse other aspects of livelihood, from timely thank-you cards and delicious text messages to the joys of flasking when the theatre lights are low. Others will take notice and inquire about the steady inner improvements.

Put simply, your refurbished character is like last year’s wardrobe: updated, enhanced, and pruned, with the outmoded remnants boxed and donated to charity. The idea is continual growth, not personality replacement or complete makeovers. On occasion, a gentleman should take stock of past achievements and miscues. Be proud of inspired revelry and review limitations, the mishandling of last year’s love affair, or flagging friendships in need of a hand-written letter.

Best of luck to you, noble Cavalier of Life. Go forward with strength, grace, mindfulness, and an occasional glass of Chartreuse. The world will follow behind you.

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