The Year of the Snake


This is the year of the snake in the Chinese lunar calendar. It’s the second twelve-year cycle for me, and I believe that this is the year of the water snake. My limited knowledge of 八字 almost makes me want to find a fortune teller.

How did I spend the lunar new year? I had hot pot with a couple of friends. It was the best hot pot that I’ve ever hosted because of the quality of ingredients. I enjoyed 鱼豆腐 (fish tofu),鱼丸 (fish ball),油菜,羊肉 (lamb),猪肉 (pork), and an assortment of other treats. These foods are quite common on my hot pot nights — the real difference this time was the 火锅底料 (seasoning). The local Asian market sells a variety of 火锅底料, but this time I made the choice to get one that advertised 清油 (clear oil). I’ll never go back to the other stuff again after experiencing just how good 清油 was! Pound for pound, this type of 火锅底料 is twice as expensive as the other varieties, but it’s well worth it.

OK, enough about this. I am writing tonight because a cycle has broken, and I am ready to begin my work anew. Come back again soon. I will start sharing solid material starting now.