Adding WiFi to a Desktop

Adding a wireless adapter to a desktop is easily accomplished by using:

  1. External USB wireless adapter
  2. PCI / PCI-E / mini PCI-E wireless adapter

For most individuals, the external USB wireless adapter is the preferred choice. It can be moved from machine to machine with ease, is largely plug and play compatible, and gets the job done.

However simple this approach may be, it isn’t terribly exciting. Being a performance junkie means that I take a couple of extra steps to ensure that the components are meshed with the machine to create the best available experience. Introducing..

The Robust Method of Adding WiFi to a Desktop

What I used to make this happen (and you can, too!)

Bigfoot Networks KillerN-1103 Notebook Wireless Card
Product Info:
In a word: not your coworker’s WiFi adapter, unless said coworker just happens to be a hardcore gamer with a penchant for building small networks.

Bigfoot Networks was founded in 2006 and is dedicated to developing groundbreaking networking hardware and software for gamers and mass-market consumers that significantly enhance the online experience by maximizing network performance.


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