Home Technology Updates for July

  1. We are connected to the internet through AT&T U-Verse at home. Early on, I felt the limitations imposed by AT&T’s 2Wire modem/router combo. After allowing my Linksys E4200 to collect dust for the past quarter of a year (!) I finally discovered how to let everything play together nicely..
  2. I made some hardware acquisitions to bring my first build back from¬†obsolescence. It is now absurd. I am still confused on what direction to take with hardware — Intel Haswell chips are on the market, but what will AMD offer next? All I know is that I have stopped kicking myself for having not made the decision to purchase AMD stock two thirds of the way through April. Maybe the time is right to start poring over those notes from Investments.
  3. I am making headway on new improvements to my home audio setup that will revolutionize the way that you see older receivers. Were I less committed to sticking with the decisions that I have made, I may even consider revising point number two. Read about it in my post on how to add Bluetooth to a home A/V receiver.