A Brief Update

My lack of consistent posting can be attributed to the vast number of projects that I find myself involved with. You wouldn’t know that I was working on anything unless you were seeing the world through my eyes and had a ticket to my brain meat space.

You could say that I am now experiencing a cycle of contraction after a prolonged expansionary cycle. I’ve created content for years, and I am overwhelmed by the pressing need to make it all accessible.

The good news..

  • The petroleum engineering and MBA notes have all been digitized
    • It’s a little rough going through it, and I am still developing a proper process to handle each type of scanned document that I have for optimization
  • This website will be undergoing a design overhaul
    • The current theme is highly legible, but leaves much to be desired from an SEO standpoint. Part of it is bound to be my fault as I committed a number of changes that I did not document in order to tailor the theme to my site’s needs. Part of it is due to the fact that Leo Babauta, owner of zenhabits.net, professes himself to be less than expert level at this whole coding thing. But really it’s my fault (I’m trying to be responsible here)
  • There will be beautiful pictures popping up from time to time
    • This hobby of mine has been going on for long enough without much sharing to it. I am making headway in cataloging several years worth of photos, and lately videos, that have been stacking up. I am personally looking forward to having more pictures to show on Google Images, because right now you’re not going to find much no matter how hard you look. Call it a paradigm shift — I am tired of having a great many identities on the internet. It’s going to be a regular fucking field day for the internet detectives out there (I’m looking at you, Mr. Background Check)

The bad news..

  • It is bad that progress can be slow to achieve
    • The Silver Lining is that it’s coming, and you’re going to love every last drop of it

Bisoux, baby