I Go Shopping for a Dumb Phone

Following the untimely demise of my iPhone 5 (my post on how to fix iPhone 5 water damage), I found myself left high and dry for telecommunications. I spent a little over a week without a phone, seeing how that would feel, before deciding to go back to using my Nokia 8801 purchased six years ago.

I did find some other dumb phones (correct name for these is feature phones, but come on) worth considering. Unfortunately, the ones that were most interesting were also being sold for substantial premium above MSRP. This is something worth following up on for those in markets where such devices are plentiful. But I digress.

The information that I did capture, I’ve included here, so that it might benefit the next person who decides to go shopping for a feature / dumb phone.

A word to the wise: if you’re going into this search and you want to know exactly what is available, the single best tool that you can leverage is GSMArena’s Phone Finder. I went into that tool searching specifically for phones that did not feature QWERTY keyboards, that did not feature touch-screen displays. Phones that had quad band GSM. Their tool lets you do all of that, and more.


LG dLite