Cap Barbell Leather Dip Belt Review

My Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ – Total trash. Run away from this.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. That is probably why you won’t find any decent pictures of Cap Barbell’s leather dip belt (~$32,

This was the first dip belt that I would own, and I was eager to receive it. Amazon shipped it to me in two days (Prime member), and it arrived in a long and flat box. No sooner had I opened this package, than I declared that the item I had received was a piece of shit. No packaging for the belt itself, though there was a stickered barcode affixed to it.

A few notes about myself:

  • I measure 30″ ±2″ around the waist
  • I am an owner of Cap Barbell products, specifically their Olympic weights
  • I have previous experience with dip belts

Moving on to the Cap Barbell leather dip belt:

The lack of attention to detail is atrocious. Nothing lines up properly.

The chain is too short to loop through the D-ring before passing it through a plate. The clip is shit and impedes the ability to quickly attach and detach weight plates from the dip belt. It is the bare minimum for the job.

The metal rivets used to hold the leather together around the D-rings are especially suspect. The edges protrude enough to make bodily harm during normal handling possible.

I decided to suck it up and to give my new dip belt a try. That’s why you’ll see that the leather has slipped past the rivets in some of my photos.

I was able to pass the chain through a 45lb plate with a litte bit of room between the hanging plate and my love muscle. Two 45lb plates was cutting it very close.

Functionally, it’s passable. It could be improved with a longer chain.

My overall satisfaction with the Cap Barbell dip belt is low. It does not invite confidence. I am of the opinion that we should spend on quality items — a throwaway clip does me no good, as does a dip belt that poses the threat of cutting me owing to poor quality control.

This item is being returned. It would have been returned already had I taken photos of it earlier.

Aside: there appear to be a number of leather dip belts being sold on Amazon that are likely of the same origin. Same clip, same construction. If you’re looking at a leather dip belt selling for $30 to $40, give the images a long, hard look and set your expectations accordingly. It is comical what $35 buys now, but that is neither here nor there.