Chattering sounds and camber plates

I’ve just gotten through swapping sway bar end links and a tie rod assembly.

I was so certain that the sounds I was hearing from the front end were due to the sway bar end links. They failed visual inspection — the boots were clearly torn.

The new Lemforder sway bar end links went on fine, and I got them on quite tight.

I drove over to the shop to get an alignment done, and the front end chattered as it went over bumps in the road surface, which can be indicative of any number of issues, but I’ve got the SPC caster/camber plates on as well.

I looked up SPC camber plates and was pleased to find that they’re used in a range of applications, which means I’ll have an easier time finding other cases to review.

I’m really hoping that it’s not the camber plates that are causing this new noise. Without them, I’d still be up against one degree of cross-caster. My gut tells me that it might be them – I read about the springs doing something with the spring perch. Going to have to investigate this further.

On second thought, the greatest probability should be assigned to the event that there is something that hasn’t been torqued down enough. Given that I don’t have the BMW special tool to torque down the front upper strut nut, this nut should be most suspect.

In the past, I would have used an impact wrench, but I learned from my mistakes.