Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

I’ve owned this domain name since September 25, 2012, which means today marks 610 days that I have been able to broadcast from this platform. One year, eight months, two days.

I didn’t start using Evernote until the end of 2012, but I now have 103 notes filed conveniently under the heading Blog Posts. A significant majority have not made their way into the pages of my blog.

This blog contains 76 posts, of which five are drafts. Of the remaining 71, a large number are stubs with little content whose only purpose is to announce a small change here or there. This is because my original intention for this platform was to use it to share and monetize my petroleum engineering notes as a way of generating some income for myself. That plan never came to fruition, though my petroleum engineering notes from my time as a student at the University of Tulsa remain amongst the most highly-trafficked pages here. We’ll call it charity.

I am writing now with a goal in mind: Stephen Covey in his top-selling The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People said, “Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood” (as usual, buy it on My purpose in writing now is to better understand myself. It will be a process of self-discovery, and I invite you to join along. You’ve made your required minimum contribution by reading to this point..

First, I will introduce myself to the reader by taking a look backwards at the circumstances of my upbringing. Next, I will look at situations that have shaped my worldview to date. Finally, I intend to write a series of articles dedicated to the young man, with the hopes that whatever thoughts I can project here will be of some value to even one other person.

I will continue to write occasional product reviews as I see fit, as well as how-to guides. These more commercial postings are written to 1) share exciting products or processes that I have come across and 2) support the continued operation of this, my webpage.

More importantly, I will discuss situations both past and present, with lessons that may benefit the keen reader.

Track 10 from Jay-Z’s The Black Album (2003)
Jay-Z – Public Service Announcement (Interlude)