List of Qualified Processors for Supermicro X10SLL-F

I received this (partial) list of qualified processors for the Supermicro X10SLL-F motherboard from Milton Cai, an engineer at Supermicro who has worked on that board.

Update: this list has since been updated with additional information provided by James Wang of Supermicro. I’ve expanded the information here to include processor launch dates and Pass/Fail for those processors that have it.

CPU Launch Date Pass/Fail
E3-1220 v3 Q2’13 Pass
E3-1220L v3 QF9S Q3’13
E3-1220L v3 QE9Y Q3’13 Pass
E3-1225 v3 Q2’13 Pass
E3-1226 v3 Q2’14
E3-1230 v3 Q2’13 Pass
E3-1230L v3 Q2’13 Pass
E3-1240 v3 Q2’13
E3-1240L v3 Q2’14 Pass
E3-1245 v3 Q2’13
E3-1268L v3 Q2’13
E3-1270 v3 Q2’13 Pass
E3-1271 v3 Q2’14
E3-1275 v3 Q2’13 Pass
E3-1276 v3 Q2’14 Fail
E3-1280 v3 Q2’13 Pass
E3-1285 v3 Q2’13
E3-1285L v3 Q2’13 Pass
E3-1281 v3 Q2’14 Pass
E3-1286 v3 Q2’14 Pass
i3-4130 Q3’13 Pass
i3-4330 Q3’13 Pass
i3-4340 Q2’14 Pass
i3-4360 Q2’14
G1820 Q1’14 Pass
G1820T Q1’14 Pass
G1830 Q1’14 Pass
G3220 Q3’13 Pass
G3220T Q3’13 Pass
G3420 Q3’13 Pass
G3420T Q3’13 Pass
G3430 Q3’13 Pass

The Original List from Milton Cai


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  • Dave

    Hi. I recently purchased a X10SLM+-F, and was glad to find your page on your NAS build and CPU support. I just wanted to mention that with BIOS version 2.00 (My board came with it installed already, so I didn’t need to do an upgrade) a Celeron G3250 works fine. (I didn’t see it on your list.)

    • DrKK

      Dave, G3250 is Pentium, not Celeron.

      Also, I just bought an X10SLL, and the G3250 did not POST for me. I couldn’t be bothered trying to figure out a BIOS flash or whatever, so I just returned it and got a G3220.

  • José

    Hi, I’m about to buy a X10SLM-F too, and this page was very helpful, I’m asking supermicro anyway for a qualified cpu list for this MoBo model. If they ever answer me I’ll let you know…

    Or the same list shoull apply?

  • Dave Denkhaus

    So it the CPU doesnt say pass on it, what? I have X10SLH-F-O with E3-1245v3…I cant get my board to accept more than 16gb of ecc nonregistered from kingston…

  • Vicente Soriano

    Well, now the X10SLL-F with Bios 3.0a supports my i3-4150 too and 16GB ECC RAM Crucial CT102472BD160B