Status Update on Redemption Movement

I am severely limiting any further investment of my time into debunking the Redemption Movement. Anyone interested in learning more about the veracity of the movement’s claims can and should reference Larry Becraft’s site. Write off the Redemption Movement as a tax protester argument with zero legitimacy, and move on.

Anyone who is investing time into achieving redemption through acceptance for value, negotiable instruments, or anything of the sort would do well to visit Larry Becraft’s dead arguments before making any bold moves. The government is exceedingly clear on its position with respect to bogus filings.

I agree with Becraft’s assessment of the freedom movement and its followers:

These folks sit back and enjoy life just knowing that they cannot be touched or bothered by the IRS. But when the IRS acts, they suddenly realize that their personal beliefs or even letters will not stop the IRS; when this happens, they scurry about looking for another “silver bullet.” These people are completely unprepared for law enforcement, either civil or criminal; in short, they are overwhelmed by law enforcement. This lack of preparation for predictable and anticipated contingencies is a major problem for the freedom movement.


Onwards, to more interesting projects.