Don’t stop now.

Sitting here at my desk, and I can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment as I see the long list of entries that are here now.

At the beginning, I wasn’t sure where I’d go with my writing. I began by chronicling my days and feelings, eventually adding to it the fruits of creative thought and inquiry. I made plans, and took time to expound on particular thoughts when the mood struck.

Photography enriched the story by helping me to relive destinations, people, things. The results of my dabbling so far, I still intend to share.

I want to draw some lessons from this trickle of output that I’ve produced over the last ten years, so that the next ten can be dimensions deeper and more fulfilling. It will take work, but everything worthwhile does.

Vlog: pizza, beer, weed, and late nights + more | 20150427

In which I talk a bit about recent life situations. The + more refers to the two additional video clips that start at 3 min 41 sec, which come from 20150425. Talk about Asian Americans and the lack of positive Asian male representatives in Hollywood.

20150430 3:42AM Edit:

I’ve blurred a portion of the video upon request. 妈 + 爸, I love and cherish you two and respect your opinion.

the start of something.

Big C visited today. I didn’t get out of bed until just after one o’clock in the afternoon, and was pleased to receive a call from him at 1:21PM. We talked about current happenings, Jeff Haas Mazda (hearsay: David Muntz got his fat ass dismissed over theft!), and exercise. I mixed up a couple of screwdrivers with the Russian Standard vodka that I picked up back in December.

I cleaned up the house a bit after he left. Finn’s hair had been piling up for about a week. Note to self: write an article about why Yorkshire Terriers are the best damn companion animals.

Spent some time in Adobe Bridge, organizing and revisiting old media that I’ve captured. I have a tremendous amount of cool stuff to share.

Old news: I’m mostly finished pulling over content from the myriad blogs that I wrote on in years past. I surprise myself at times: it was difficult to trace my steps through cyberspace, and there are a couple of angry ‘good bye’ posts to be found. I’ll elaborate more on what I’ve learned from going back through my old writing at a later date.

For the new, cop the next post.

Purchased: LG 29UM55 Ultrawide Monitor

I went to Best Buy the other day with a $20 Reward Zone certificate. After browsing the entire store, I was prepared to walk out empty-handed. At the exit, a manager asked me if I found what I was looking for today. I told him that I noticed a hanger for the LG 29UM55 Ultrawide monitor, but there was no accompanying display unit. He walked over to a computer, and asked an associate to find a display unit.

She came back with an open-box LG 29UM55 Ultrawide. It normally retails for $400, but this one was being sold at $264. Once it was plugged in, I decided I’d take it.

I brought it back home and set it up to take the place of my LG IPS235.

Some quirks that I observed

  • It’s not working with my HDMI switch for whatever reason!
  • Weird menu option: Response Time
    • Sets a response time for displayed pictures based on the speed of the screen. For a normal environment, it is recommended that you use Normal. For a fast-moving picture, it is recommended that you use High. Setting to High may cause image sticking.
    • Manual doesn’t tell us what setting it to Off does
  • The quick start literature says that PBP can only show an HDMI source next to a DisplayPort source, but this is not true. PBP can be used to output two HDMI sources side by side

Where it excels?

21:9 aspect ratio is like having two 4:3 displays right next to each other

Virtually the cinema standard! Surreal to watch a movie on the display

  • Xbox One doesn’t support ultra wide
  • MacBook Air is reported to support ultrawide, but it doesn’t seem to be plug and play with my current setup: mini-DisplayPort to HDMI adapter
    • So far no luck in getting it to work using SwitchResX
    • Maybe it will work with a mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable