Talked with Jeff T on the phone for nearly an hour today. I’m glad that we had the opportunity to catch up, and that he’s feeling more lively having dropped out of law school.

Interesting things that emerged from our conversation:

Asian American does not accurately capture our identities. At least not yet, not before we’ve gained more experience in America. We are TCKs first and foremost, ones who have had the opportunity to spend formative years growing up as the majority race. Perhaps in a few years, it would be more fitting to claim Asian American as our identity.

Jeff shared this interesting article from The New Yorker: “Trip Treatment” by Michael Pollan.

The article reaffirmed many things I already know, and I read it with the intention of comparing it against my personal experience. For anyone who’s ever been curious about psychedelics, it’s good reading material. I’ve also watched a documentary about psychedelics and their capacity for healing, called Neurons to Nirvana (recommended to me and William by his friend, Andrew J).

I turned around and recommended an article that appeared in Wired three years ago, “The Forgetting Pill Erases Painful Memories Forever” by Jonah Lehrer.

Must follow up about that documentary that I watched last night, The Slanted Screen, as well as resources on credit card reward programs.

Basil W stopped by this evening, and we shared a pizza (the benefits of working at Domino’s!). He had been out kayaking earlier today, and was quite sunburnt. Paul jumped up to welcome him, causing him some pain.

Basil examined the fishing rods in the garage, tested them, and rigged up a fake worm on one. After casting a few times from the driveway, he stated that I would need to replace the line.

He saw a property for sale while out earlier today, and we talked a fair bit about land, and what one does with it. He’d seen land in Florida that had been set up for hunting. Even without utility lines, it’s quite possible to run a generator from the back of a pickup truck.

On cars, Basil stated that the Mustang GT and BMW M3 were quite evenly matched, even on the track.

On marriage, that he was leaning in favor of it, though he would have been firmly opposed to it some years ago.

On race, that one must be prudent when playing “the race card,” and that spending some time growing up in Cupertino, CA had meant that he grew up amongst many other Asians. This led me to conclude that our experiences differ for a multitude of reasons. I do recall him talking about how Asians who’ve been in America longer tended to look down upon the “FOBs.” (previous conversation)

Both asked about Kenny Z. I’ll coordinate better, so that I have more entries on the calendar.

Finally, chatted with Alice for a while. She’s been reading Eddie Huang’s Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir (I shared this with her and Justin). She stated that it’s good to have stories from guys like Eddie Huang out there, so that the Asian American narrative doesn’t all read the same.