Purchased: LG 29UM55 Ultrawide Monitor

I went to Best Buy the other day with a $20 Reward Zone certificate. After browsing the entire store, I was prepared to walk out empty-handed. At the exit, a manager asked me if I found what I was looking for today. I told him that I noticed a hanger for the LG 29UM55 Ultrawide monitor, but there was no accompanying display unit. He walked over to a computer, and asked an associate to find a display unit.

She came back with an open-box LG 29UM55 Ultrawide. It normally retails for $400, but this one was being sold at $264. Once it was plugged in, I decided I’d take it.

I brought it back home and set it up to take the place of my LG IPS235.

Some quirks that I observed

  • It’s not working with my HDMI switch for whatever reason!
  • Weird menu option: Response Time
    • Sets a response time for displayed pictures based on the speed of the screen. For a normal environment, it is recommended that you use Normal. For a fast-moving picture, it is recommended that you use High. Setting to High may cause image sticking.
    • Manual doesn’t tell us what setting it to Off does
  • The quick start literature says that PBP can only show an HDMI source next to a DisplayPort source, but this is not true. PBP can be used to output two HDMI sources side by side

Where it excels?

21:9 aspect ratio is like having two 4:3 displays right next to each other

Virtually the cinema standard! Surreal to watch a movie on the display

  • Xbox One doesn’t support ultra wide
  • MacBook Air is reported to support ultrawide, but it doesn’t seem to be plug and play with my current setup: mini-DisplayPort to HDMI adapter
    • So far no luck in getting it to work using SwitchResX
    • Maybe it will work with a mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable