(Some More) Late Night Thoughts

Admittedly, it is nowhere near as late as it was the last time that I decided to share some late night thoughts (4 days ago! or is it more?), because I am going to go to bed early tonight. I owe it to myself, as I will be putting in a full eight hours at an electronic cigarette store, so help me God.

Today was a good day. I found myself blissfully free from thought for the vast majority of my waking hours, save for those times where I needed to focus on a task at hand. Speaking of which, the new website for Dentboard is coming together rather nicely (thanks Alice!). I owe her a great deal of thanks, as I’ve revised the copy far beyond what had originally been sent over to the young man in charge of mockups. The first iteration of this project completed (forward-looking statement), I intend to produce a poignant argument in favor of implementing the Likert scale in our survey tool.

I have been making headway on a dormant personal project, one that I am wildly ambitious about. I found myself fiddling about with the administrative tasks of inviting my new team to join me on Slack, and wound up having one of those great creative moments that leaves me giddy all over. Allow me a moment to explain how this all started …

One of my guilty pleasures is reading reddit while atop the porcelain throne. I periodically scan for interesting content, like any good redditor will, and do my best to bite my tongue instead of joining in the fray as I once did. The chief reason for this is to reduce the amount of time that I would otherwise invest into reddit: namely, defending my ego.

As luck would have it, I stumbled upon a treasure mine. Critical mass appeared to have been reached. I quickly reached out to a few key individuals, and lay back in wait.

I received word back earlier today. The exact timing of it, I can’t say for sure, though I do know that I found myself firing off a couple of responses during a rest in my afternoon’s exercise.

I concluded my exercise, consumed a protein shake, and prepared myself to shower, before realizing that it was marvelous out, and deciding that I had best take care of the lawn. Back on went the clothes, out came the push reel mower, and away I went. The lawn turned out quite nicely, with some weed whacking and blowing to top it all off.

I don’t think I shall be receiving any angry letters from the HOA this year.

It was around 7:30PM now, and the sun was going down. Still shirtless, I took the dogs out for a well-deserved stroll. Benefit to walking dogs off-leash: it keeps most people away.

I fed Paul after we returned home, turned on the Sous Vide Supreme, and showered, taking care to exfoliate. I nearly stepped out of the shower stall before remembering that I ought to take cold showers, and so I stayed for a minute longer, enjoying the cool water.

The stroke of creative genius that I referred to earlier came about while I was seated at the dining table, in front of my MacBook Air. I hadn’t eaten yet, though I’d just finished writing a nice welcome message in the #general channel of my new Slack team.

It started with a sudden urge to revisit my old blog, in the event that I’d missed something during my first pass through it. The last time that I visited it was months ago, perhaps half a year by now. I began clicking through links that I’d shared back in 2007. Finding one particularly interesting, I shared it to a friend’s Facebook page. This getting onto Facebook business made me want to share something across my own wall. I was fresh off of the whole Slack business, so I found this gem:

And the rest is history.

Sorry, I can’t share more. I want to, I really do. However, I’ve been here before, and I know how my mind works in these situations. I’m going to be keeping my nose to the grindstone to see this project through to success. I’m excited to do my part to ensure that it lives to see wider recognition. Until then.

Now for the real thoughts of the hour.

I’m going to bring all of my old blog posts over to this site. They are a part of my history, and they belong here, now that I have found a permanent home for them.

While reading my old blog, I found a long-abandoned multi-user blog that MC and I made. I was suddenly overcome with curiosity, and moved immediately to reach out to him. He’s still in school, still got the same phone number, but he’s now a father! His son’s name is Christopher, and I hope that Christopher grows up to experience even greater things than MC and I have seen.

Reflecting on my old writing, I mused about witnessing growth through writing. Or a lack thereof. I leave this as an exercise to the most astute reader.

The fact is that I am a compulsive writer. Sigma Insight: Why Your Blog Will Fail is the first thought that came to mind when I considered those two words this evening. The man is right – there’s nothing magical about blogging for a living. My only lament is that I have too many interests to cover them all by myself.

Going in for my first day of work at the electronic cigarette store tomorrow. Alarm set – 1:00AM bedtime. Disappointed to find that I didn’t have any more steaks in the freezer, and I’m still hungry. I’ve already consumed two protein shakes – what’s a third?