the start of something.

Big C visited today. I didn’t get out of bed until just after one o’clock in the afternoon, and was pleased to receive a call from him at 1:21PM. We talked about current happenings, Jeff Haas Mazda (hearsay: David Muntz got his fat ass dismissed over theft!), and exercise. I mixed up a couple of screwdrivers with the Russian Standard vodka that I picked up back in December.

I cleaned up the house a bit after he left. Finn’s hair had been piling up for about a week. Note to self: write an article about why Yorkshire Terriers are the best damn companion animals.

Spent some time in Adobe Bridge, organizing and revisiting old media that I’ve captured. I have a tremendous amount of cool stuff to share.

Old news: I’m mostly finished pulling over content from the myriad blogs that I wrote on in years past. I surprise myself at times: it was difficult to trace my steps through cyberspace, and there are a couple of angry ‘good bye’ posts to be found. I’ll elaborate more on what I’ve learned from going back through my old writing at a later date.

For the new, cop the next post.