is it just me, or are things frothy?

I went out this afternoon on a short bike ride, with Paul and Finn in tow.

On the way back through the neighborhood, I saw a recently-purchased McLaren. Back in the day, I could have told you the model number and the approximate dollar value of this particular supercar, but now I watched from the street corner as it turned and followed a slow-rolling SUV down the main street of the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, my next-door neighbors have traded in their Lexus ES 350 for an Infiniti QX60.

I began receiving prescreened offers for 0% APR cards some months back. Now I’m seeing an offer for a card with a $0 balance transfer fee (for the first sixty days) from a major lender.

On the radio, the talking heads are reporting that interest rates are preparing to take a hike. Janet Yellen stated last month that equity valuations are “quite high.”