Order Placed: Logitech G502

After all of my ranting and raving about Logitech’s customer service, I still find myself going back to them for my mousing needs. I read some user feedback about the Logitech G502 (~$60, Amazon.com) vs. G700s (what would have been the natural choice), and the sensor in the G502 is rated the tits.

I bought the factory fresh Logitech G502 as opposed to its refurbished cousin. The refurbished Logitech G502 (~$49, Amazon.com) comes with a 90-day parts and labor warranty, whereas the new G502 comes with a 3-year limited parts and labor warranty. I figured that the extra $10 spent was worth the additional coverage in event of mishaps / sudden, unannounced middle mouse button failures. Logitech’s customer service on its products is, after all, good while they remain under warranty.

Look forward to Enotus mouse testing results between the Logitech G700 and the G502 on the Logitech G440 hard gaming mousepad.