Sig P938 Feeding Problems with Hornady Critical Duty

I noticed that my new, unfired Sig P938 had a misfeed during a slide lock reload drill using the 7-rd magazine (the one with the pinky extension) loaded with Hornady FlexLock (R) Critical DUTY (R) 135gr JHP.

No issues were encountered when racking the slide to chamber the round.

A thread posted on entitled “New p938 feed problem” describes a nearly identical situation. User encounters a misfeed with the P938 using the same Hornady Critical Duty rounds.

I theorize that this is because of the Flex Tip (R), the red elastomer tip inside of the hollow point. This tip is essentially rubber, and it tends to get caught against the feed ramp.

Additionally, I suspect that the Hornady Critical Defense (R) rounds would suffer from the same issue.