Fixed: OS X iMessage & FaceTime Losing Track of iPhone

I recently updated my iPhone 6 to iOS v9.1, and found that iMessages being sent from my MacBook Air were no longer being sent from my phone number. Instead, they were coming from my iCloud email address.

I found the fix for this issue tonight. I had to re-associate my phone number with my Apple ID, following the steps given here (Apple Support > Link your iPhone number and Apple ID to use iMessage and FaceTime).

My phone number is once again showing up in iMessages and FaceTime on OS X.

Helpful Tools for Playing Destiny

I just wanted to take a moment to share the tools that I use, outside of the Destiny app by Bungie, when I play around in the world of Destiny.

Tools that I use frequently… (Chrome Web Store)

Tools for the serious Crucible players:

Tools that I’d like to see…

Destiny Armor Roll Quality
Roll quality takes into account the main stats of a given armor item against its light level. A tool that scans through a guardian’s available items, and gives the player a top-down view of all available armor items would really help reduce the clutter. Players can use this top-down view to decide¬†which pieces to keep and which to discard.