Texas Open Carry Predictions

In light of recent headlines (grocery store chains including HEB announcing that they will bar open carry within their establishments), I am making the following predictions. These are mostly for fun.

High Certainty

  • increased interest in full-size pistols over subcompacts, with full-size handguns accounting for increased proportion of overall firearm sales. I imagine that this will be difficult to measure without significant effort, but gun store owners and employees will probably be able to speak to this.
    • open carry will deemphasize the need for concealable firearms, except for compliance with 30.07 signs
    • benefits of large-frame handguns will see them making their way into more holsters
      • better ergonomics
      • larger magazine capacity
  • increased sales of OWB holsters
  • increased number of firearm-related injuries and deaths among civilian population, not accounting for officer-involved shootings
    • not all casualties are equal: we can expect some of these to be situations in which the shooter had the full backing of the law (legitimate self-defense), but also expect some casualties to result from negligence and flaring tempers

Mid-High Certainty

  • decreased number of murders and other violent crime
    • brandished firearms should act as an effective deterrent to crime – most would-be criminals aren’t trying to get shot