Texas Late Vehicle Registration – Expired Texas Vehicle Registration

Recently, I had to put in some time under the hood in order to get my vehicle to pass the Texas Department of Public Safety’s vehicle inspection. My car was failing to meet emissions requirements. The vehicle inspection station took its fee, and offered a free inspection retest up to fifteen days from the original date of inspection. I finally took my car to get inspected today, so my vehicle registration can be renewed with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

What follows are learnings from this incident.

AirCheckTexas has a couple of financial assistance programs for qualified individuals whose vehicles have failed to pass the state inspection.

Drive a Clean Machine

Vehicle repair assistance program: financial assistance of up to $600 for repairs

Vehicle replacement assistance program: financial assistance of up to $3,500 towards the purchase of a replacement vehicle

There are no additional fees for late vehicle registration. However, the vehicle registration expiration date does not move forward to reflect the date that registration is renewed.

There is a relatively low risk of getting ticketed for driving with an expired registration. I spoke with one individual who’d allowed their registration to lapse for a period of five months. However, it’s a situation that’s best avoided. The fine for driving with an expired vehicle registration (non-commercial) is $75.

Like driving with an expired driver’s license, this ticket is a fix it or ticket deal.

Under the provisions of Texas Law, the court will dismiss the violations of Expired Driver’s License and Expired Registration upon proof of (official receipt) that the matter was remedied within (10) working days of the ticket date. An administrative fee of $10.00 will be assessed


Texas vehicle inspections must be done 90 days or less from vehicle registration expiration date (end of the month indicated on vehicle registration sticker)

A vehicle may be operated up to five working days after the registration expires without penalty

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