Want: Haiku Fan

My ceiling fan’s remote controller recently ran out of juice. It’s paired to a Harbor Breeze Platinum model with a six-speed DC motor. Prior to the remote’s batteries giving out, the fan was in its natural breeze setting, and without any 23AE batteries on hand, it remained stuck in an unending cycle of powering up and spinning down.

This was unfortunate, because there was considerable noise coming from the fan: both a rattling and a whirring. I was able to eliminate the rattling by removing the dome cover for its lighting module, but the whirring noise remained, growing louder as the fan motor spun up. I attributed it to bearing noise. The combination of the two was driving me crazy.

Enter Big Ass Fans (founded 1999): they made a name for themselves by designing and producing fans for commercial and industrial spaces.

In 2016, the company made an entry into the B2C market with Haiku fan, marketed under Haiku Home (haikuhome.com).

At the time that this post was published, there are four distinct lines of Haiku fans (haikuhome.com/fans):

  • Luxe Series – highest end offering, starting at $1595
    • Show off your ceiling in style with our brushed aluminum ceiling fans. Our Luxe Series fans are American made, hand-crafted by our expert technicians from aircraft-grade aluminum and engineered to stand the test of time.
  • H Series – starting at $995
    • Explore features and options of H Series Ceiling Fans from Haiku. Winner of more than 50 international awards and built from premium materials.
  • I Series – starting at $895
    • A powerful combination of design, performance and technology. I Series moves up to 50% more air than L Series fans and features onboard SenseME™ technology for maximum convenience and efficiency.
  • L Series – starting at $450
    • Haiku’s signature design elements, energy efficiency and effectiveness at a more accessible price point. Available in stylish black or white and features a built-in LED light.

The information above comes from haikuhome.com/compare-haiku-fans

Moving down the line, materials become cheaper, and energy efficiency drops off. Even so, the L Series exceeds ENERGY STAR® certification requirements by four times. The Luxe and H Series exceed ENERGY STAR® requirements by a whopping twelve times!

With the exception of the L Series, all Haiku fans sold in North America are made in the USA.

Additionally, the L Series loses integrated SenseME technology. More on Haiku Home’s SenseME Technology (haikuhome.com/senseme)

The Haiku L series is the only one that comes standard with a lighting kit – for all other Haiku fans, the Haiku lighting kit can be added on for an extra $95. It’s also the only series presently available on Amazon.com.

On Big Ass Fan’s page dedicated to their Haiku fans (bigassfans.com/products/haiku/), they claim that Haiku fans hold the top 19 spots on ENERGY STAR® ceiling fan listings.

Sure enough, all Haiku fans are ENERGY STAR® certified (EnergyStar.gov)

Curious to quantify the difference that a Haiku fan would make in my life, I compared it against my noisy fan, a Harbor Breeze Platinum Portes 52″ LP8293
(Lowe’s): the Haiku L series fan is 42% more efficient at maximum speed (295 ft3/min/W vs 208 ft3/min/W).

Order Placed: Purple Mattress

I sold myself on the Purple mattress, having invested considerable time into researching the Purple company and its cushioning technology. My positive experience with the Royal Purple Seat Cushion made it that much easier.

I intend to follow up with a review of the Purple mattress after thirty days. You can expect objective sleep data provided by my Misfit Shine.