Order Placed: Purple Mattress

I sold myself on the Purple mattress, having invested considerable time into researching the Purple company and its cushioning technology. My positive experience with the Royal Purple Seat Cushion made it that much easier.

I intend to follow up with a review of the Purple mattress after thirty days. You can expect objective sleep data provided by my Misfit Shine.

  • David


    Any update on your review of the Purple mattress? I am currently shopping for a mattress and I appreciated your post about the history of the Purple Company (very detailed and informative). Thank you for your efforts and I look forward to reading your review.


    • Hey David! Thank you for your comments – I’m glad that you found some value to my post about the Purple company. I’ll publish my review of the Purple mattress within three days after January 16. Check back in, or if you’d like, I can drop you a line when my review goes live 🙂