Will Purple Release a Mattress Topper?

My interest in Purple was kindled after I saw the Purple raw egg test video. I began researching the company, its background, and its technology, ultimately ordering a Royal Purple Seat Cushion for myself.

Early on, I wondered whether Purple would release a mattress topper, thinking that such a product was bound to be a hit.

History suggests that the answer is a decisive yes, based on the market segmentation strategy employed by intelliBED, a company that brought products to market in the past using EDiZONE’s technology, as well as Purple’s approach to the market.

Furthermore, Purple have referenced a mattress topper in their indiegogo campaign, their FAQ, and in their Purple Product Registration form.

Marketing image in Purple’s indiegogo campaign (indiegogo.com/projects/purple#/):

Purple indiegogo marketing image
This image was used in Purple’s indiegogo campaign

In Purple’s indiegogo campaign copy:

Purple Top indiegogo campaign
Copy referencing the Purple Top in Purple’s indiegogo campaign

In the Purple website’s FAQ (onpurple.com/faq/):

Purple Topper FAQ
Screenshot from the Purple website’s FAQ regarding the Purple Topper

In theĀ Purple Product Registration form on the Purple website’s Warranty pageĀ (onpurple.com/warranty/):

Purple Topper Product Registration Form
Purple Topper referenced in the Purple Product Registration Form

Purple Top Pricing

Projected Purple Top pricing developed using information from intellibed.com/product/toppers/

Twin $449
Twin XL $499
Full $549
Full XL $599
Queen $699
King $799
California King $799