Order Placed: Ringke FUSION Case for iPhone 7 Plus

My iPhone 7 Plus finally arrived, almost a month after I ordered it through my wireless carrier. I relished the unboxing experience, as one does with Apple products, but held off on activating the phone for the time being.

I remember when I purchased my iPhone 4, I dropped it on the tiled floor in my bathroom that very same day. The unprotected phone suffered a series of scratches, one deep enough to be felt.

Not wanting to repeat the mistakes of the past, I began searching for a suitable case to protect my new phone against accidental drops.

I searched Amazon.com for iPhone 7 Plus cases, ultimately choosing a clear Ringke FUSION Case (MSRP $9.99, Amazon.com) over similar options like the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case (MSRP $24.99, Amazon.com), which leaves the iPhone 7 Plus camera lens unprotected.

The Ringke FUSION Case features a clean design with protection in all the right spots. The single cutout on the back face is amply sized for the iPhone 7 Plus’s camera system. I avoided cases with rear cutouts that were sized just right for the camera and quad-LED flash, fearing interference.

I’m looking forward to receiving the case and retiring my iPhone 6 Plus, which has been running dangerously low on storage space for far too long.