Royal Purple Seat Cushion packaging (front)

The Royal Purple Seat Cushion Review

I was excited to receive shipment of my Royal Purple Seat Cushion (MSRP $79.99, Neil ordered one from Purple’s official website on July 18, the same day that I ordered mine from Amazon. Mine arrived on July 20 (well before his!) thanks to Prime Two-Day Shipping.
I chose this particular cushion because of its thickness – at 2 inches, it’s as thick as the hyper-elastic polymer layer on the Purple mattress. As such, my seat-time on the Royal Purple Seat Cushion granted me a great sense of how the Purple mattress would perform.

Initial Impressions


I was surprised by how heavy the package was – Purple puts the approximate weight of the Royal Purple Seat Cushion at 5.4 lb. With the cushion cover in place, my postal scale gives a reading of just over 5.5 lb.


The cushion ships in retail packaging, complete with carry handle. A clear window shows off the configuration of the hyper-elastic polymer cushioning material. A small, round cutout invites prospective buyers to touch the gel material.

Box (Front)

Royal Purple Seat Cushion packaging (front)
Front view of the Royal Purple Seat Cushion packaging

Purple company branding appears in the top left of the packaging

The Royal Purple™ Seat Cushion
The World’s First Go Anywhere, No-Pressure Seat Cushion
Washable cover included
1-year warranty.

Box (Rear)

Royal Purple Seat Cushion packaging (rear)
Rear view of the Royal Purple Seat Cushion packaging

The Ultimate Cushioning Experience
Purple™ is the most advanced cushioning material available on Earth. Made from a patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer™, Purple provides comfortable support while eliminating pressure spikes.

As pressure increases on the cushion, Purple columns buckle, distributing weight to neighboring columns and virtually eliminating uncomfortable pressure points – even allowing you to sit on an egg without it breaking (although we’re not sure why you’d want to).

See the video at:

The Cushion Cover

Royal Purple Seat Cushion cover
My Royal Purple Seat Cushion cover had a wondergel tag on it

Once unboxed, I noted the wondergel tag on the cushion cover – they must have been getting rid of old stock! I followed the instructions to slip the cushion into its cover, eager to get on it.

The Royal Purple Seat Cushion cover is made of slick black fabric, and has small bumps on the bottom. It features a woven carry handle on the edge facing the seat back.

Impressions from Usage

The buckling columns of hyper-elastic polymer used in the Royal Purple Seat Cushion are remarkably supportive. I have some chairs at home that used to put my legs to sleep every time, but with the Royal Purple Seat Cushion supporting me, I no longer experience that uncomfortable sensation.

With the Royal Purple Seat Cushion on my task chair, my newly elevated seating position meant that I had to make a few minor adjustments to my computer setup. I had to tilt my secondary display upwards in order to view it comfortably.

I became so enamored with Purple that, for a brief time, I shared the Raw Egg Test video with everyone I had the opportunity to speak with. I invited a couple of friends to give the Royal Purple Seat Cushion a try:

  • William F. really liked it. He’s a big man, weighing in at around 300 pounds. He got comfortable with it, and now I make sure to offer him the cushion whenever he drops by for a visit!
  • Edwin C. really liked it as well. He’s worked in human healthcare before, and was impressed when I told him that the same cushioning technology had been licensed by Stryker Medical for use in hospital beds


I highly recommend a Purple seat cushion for anyone who spends a fair amount of time sitting in any given day. It can transform an uncomfortable chair for the better.

Purple says it’s for office heroes, long-haul drivers, authors, artists, and CEOs. I don’t know about all that, but it’s definitely an excellent cushion, and it gave me great confidence in the efficacy of EdiZONE’s cushioning technology. So much, in fact, that I ordered a Purple mattress!

You can buy a Royal Purple Seat Cushion now on and support my website in the process! Try one out for yourself 🙂

Additional Reading
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Thanks for reading – I welcome your comments and questions below 🙂