How to Unify Chat Across Multiple Channels Using Restream Chat

I’ve been using to simultaneously broadcast my stream to three different channels.

I use their Restream Chat client (Windows) to monitor chat across all three channels.

Sometimes, I type responses to chat directly in the channel. However, I know that most established streamers respond to messages in chat using their microphones.

To increase the transparency of chat activity across the separate channels, I began using the Restream Chat client’s built-in bot.

Restream Chat’s bot can interact with viewers on your behalf. By default, the bot is turned off. To turn it on and bring together chat messages from separate channels:

  1. Open Restream Chat
  2. Click the cog wheel icon, directly to the left of the minimize icon in the Restream Chat window. This brings up the Settings pane
  3. From the Settings pane, select Bot from the menu
  4. Check “Enable bot”
  5. Check “Enable message relay between all chats”

Restream Chat also makes it easy to configure an overlay so that messages from the separate chats are visible in stream. Barring the ability to highlight specific messages, I am holding off on using that feature.

Updates’s Help Center ( also has an article on this subject