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Well, this is my first entry ever into my LiveJournal.  I’m sure I’ll be posting much much more in the future.  On Friday, September 10th, I left for Singapore for the Cross Country exchange at SAS.  All the teams had individual busses for the trip.  However, our bus had a problem with the A/C.  As a result of this, I got barely any sleep throughout the entire ride.  It was hell.  The bus ride took somewhere between 4 and 5 hours, and we stopped twice.  The first stop was somewhere 1.5 hours from school.  I ate at KFC, which is always good.  The second stop was at a Petronas gas station.

Arriving at SAS, I noticed immediately that the school’s campus was enormous compared to that of ISKL’s.  The school had armed guards carrying H&K MP5s, the first time I’d ever seen the gun in real life.  They’re pretty big guns, actually.  They’re just a little smaller than rifles.

I roomed with Ivar, our host family was the Toth’s.  The girl, Veronica, was a Sophomore and the family lived in an apartment very close to Orchard Road.  We ate at the apartment on the first night, and we went out with Veronica sometime around 8PM.

More on this later, I need to work on homework for the time being.