8 traits of successful people – Richard St. John

What really leads to success?

“8 to be Great”

  1. Love what you do
  2. Work really hard
  3. Focus on one thing, not everything
  4. Keep pushing yourself
  5. Come up with good ideas
  6. Keep improving yourself and what you do
  7. Serve others something of value, because success isn’t just about me, me, me
  8. Persist, because there’s no overnight success

More people said these 8 things helped them than anything else

They are the foundation of success – on top of those, we build the particular skills that we need for our career: technical skills, analytical skills, people skills, creative skills. No matter what field we’re in, these eight traits will be at the heart of our success.

Vornado 660: The Best Damn Fan for Cooling a Room

I bought a Vornado 660 Whole Room Air Circulator (~$100, Amazon.com) back in July 2014 upon a recommendation from Gizmodo.com

I have only these thoughts to offer on it:

It really does a fine job of moving air. Puts the very attractive (but noisy, amongst other things…) Dyson Air Multiplier fans to shame

Moves a solid amount of air at all settings. Looks good. Works great.

Ken Burns Washington University in St. Louis Commencement Address (2015)

I’ll repeat what I said to the gentleman sitting next to me at the commencement:

It’s good that an old white guy is talking about race in America

Burns delivers call to action to Class of 2015: ‘Set things right again’

The full transcript of Ken Burns’ commencement address can be seen here (Washington University in St. Louis Newsroom)