Order Placed: Purple Mattress

I sold myself on the Purple mattress, having invested considerable time into researching the Purple company and its cushioning technology. My positive experience with the Royal Purple Seat Cushion made it that much easier.

I intend to follow up with a review of the Purple mattress after thirty days. You can expect objective sleep data provided by my Misfit Shine.

Order Placed: The Royal Purple No-Pressure Seat Cushion

I was in the middle of performing research for my post on the Purple company, whose product flew onto my radar with the viral raw egg test video, and decided that I ought to try the product (or at least get close to it).

The Royal Purple No-Pressure Seat Cushion (MSRP $79.99, Amazon.com) is two inches thick, the same thickness as the Purple hyper-elastic polymer layer on the Purple mattress. This makes it a solid choice to assess how well the material performs in a general context.

I intend to follow up to this post with a review of this product and any others that I may purchase from Purple. To be notified when the post drops, subscribe and you’ll be the first to know. Otherwise, check back, soon 🙂

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in which I vote in the Primary Election

I went to my polling location in the early afternoon. The poll workers were seated at a folding table towards the middle of the room, and one came to meet me halfway after I announced that I was there to cast my ballot. The man told me that it was a slow day, evidenced by the low polling counts displayed on the front door of the building.

I checked in, the only necessary identification my driver’s license. My pick for presidential nominee came easily enough, but I paused upon seeing the long list of down-ballot candidates. I pulled my iPhone 6, aware that the poll worker was standing at my side, and contemplated finding some information to gain a better understanding of who all these unfamiliar names were. I cast my ballot, accepted my “I Voted!” sticker, and left the premises to run my day’s errands.

I listened to the radio on the way to my next stop: a man was talking about voting, and stressed how down-ballot votes were more important than the primary, because they wield greater influence over our day-to-day lives. With so much of our time spent on discussing the race for presidential nominees, the significance of local and state-level politics had slipped my mind altogether.

I kicked myself, but then I continued on with my day. Chalk this up to an adolescent political consciousness, one that will evolve in the years to come.

Is Casual Sex Bad for You?

Dr. Zhana Vrangalova has some good things to say in this 18-minute long TEDx Talk at the College of William & Mary from 2015: http://tedxtalks.ted.com/video/Is-Casual-Sex-Bad-For-You-Dr-Zh

Some interesting outtakes:

4. There’s an orgasm gap

Armstrong et al., 2012, American Sociological Review
Gender No Orgasm Orgasm
Male 22% 78%
Female 58% 42%

The orgasm gap in romantic encounters is half as large as that in casual sex

“Judgment impaired due to alcohol or drugs is the number one reason for unwanted hookups – hookups you regret the next day … getting smashed? It makes you do things you didn’t want to do, with people you didn’t want to do them with. It diminishes your physiological ability to enjoy sex or perform sex … If you need to be drunk to be hooking up, you should not be hooking up at all.”