Upcoming posts

There are a number of new posts that I am working on. A sampling of what is in store:

  • Replacing the belt and pulley on a Craftsman edger
  • Replacing the stock Intel HSF for a Zalman CNPS8900 Quiet on my brother’s computer
  • Growing up: setting myself up for success in the days to come, and reflections on where I’ve been since Q1 2013

Other topics that I am exploring: the history of Singapore, the nature of mass movements through Eric Hoffer’s The True Believer (1951) (Amazon.com), and results from tweaking airflow within the Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced SFF chassis.

Still Alive

Plenty more that I want to do…

Updates coming soon:

  • Build log for AMD AM3+ rig using parts from most recent order
  • Work tips
  • An interesting letter regarding the Redemption Movement, covered in earlier posts
  • New uploads

Been busy… More to come