Xbox One Setup

I purchased the Xbox One on Cyber Monday 2014. Alice had been talking up Destiny for a minute, and I finally bit. Destiny is one hell of a game… like one of the best that I have ever played (and I’ve played a lot of games!). These days, I mainly hop on for PvP games with friends.

Details of my setup follow:


XIM4 (
Logitech G502 (
Logitech G440 (
Logitech G13 (
Sony Playstation Move Navigation Controller (


Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones (
Fiio E17 ( | Discontinued; updated model is the Fiio E17K)
Zalman ZM-MIC1 (
Microsoft Stereo Headset Adapter (
Adapter from 3.5mm TRRS to dual 3.5mm (

Storage Media

Lexar Professional Workflow DD256 USB 3.0 External SSD (


How to add a microphone to headphones for online gaming
My Destiny XIM4 Setup