Cannabis / Marijuana

I originally published my thoughts on cannabis in a blog entry dated March 17th, 2014.

Since then, I’ve reflected on my condition. My thoughts on personal consumption of cannabis have become clearer in the interim.

Cannabis should, at best, be used sparingly. Though many smokers will say they aren’t dependent upon cannabis, it does have the potential to make users into dependents. I’ve seen and experienced this firsthand; if you wanted to keep a population complacent with their lot in life, cannabis would be the natural tool of choice.

What Anyone Can Learn from Cannabis

Cannabis use can’t teach you much. It’s a remarkably kind drug. However, you can learn a lot about the war on drugs, and how governments have hastily demonized drugs.

My Personal History with Cannabis

I tried cannabis for the first time in my first semester of college. I smelled something strange while attending the party of a senior Honors Program student, and joined in the circle that they had formed on the floor. I don’t recall feeling much that first time, but that is hardly unusual.

For years, I kept my cannabis use as a relative secret to my family. They knew that I had engaged in both recreational use of cannabis, as well as cannabis distribution. They were shielded from direct observation of my activities by large distances for most of my college career, but I’ve since had multiple discussions with them about my relationship with the drug.

My parents blamed my cannabis use for difficulties that I encountered while I was interning for oil and gas companies. They were right to some extent: there wasn’t a single internship where I didn’t engage in recreational cannabis use. However, I realize upon further reflection that my poor performance during those summers was due primarily to the fear of missing out.

Was I ever addicted? I don’t think so, though I wasn’t always responsible in my personal consumption. There were situations where I used cannabis to my own detriment.

Safe Cannabis Consumption

Chronic users should invest in a personal vaporizer. Bar none, this is the safest way to dose. Burning plant matter and inhaling it into your lungs will cause lung damage. Vaporizers are highly efficient, and they will save you on health and money. My experience with the iolite WISPR has been great (my review), and I recommend it to anyone in the market for a portable device, with some reservations.

iolite WISPR 2

Responsible Cannabis Consumption

NORML has outlined guidelines for responsible cannabis consumption.

Cannabis as Medicine

There are beneficial chemical compounds within cannabis that can and should be exploited further for medical use. I’m encouraged by developments in that space – it’s an important step in legitimizing cannabis.