Paul the Yorkie

Paul is the name of my dog. He is the first dog that I have raised from a puppy.

Paul the Yorkie is my loving companion animal, and sometimes more. He’s big for a Yorkshire terrier, but not in the husky sense of the word.

DOB: February 3, 2011

Paul the Yorkie’s Favorite Things

  • Long walks (sometimes on the beach!)
  • High quality dog food
  • Bully sticks
  • A soft bed
  • .. his loving master!

Paul the Yorkie: Social Media

I try to post interesting things through Paul the Yorkie’s pages on fine social media outlets including:

Anyways, I have real big plans for this little guy.

  • JZ

    you should incorporate a chapter on how he kicked Luxon’s butt a few years ago, and of course don’t forget to put Luxon’s picture next to him

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